Friday, February 28, 2014

~ special moments ~

This past week has been full of new experiences, new feelings, and new loves, as well as old ones that have been rediscovered.

01. A new baby entered this world on February 26th who's wise, beautiful, and expressive, just like her mother, who is more a sister to me than just a friend.  I cannot wait to see this baby girl grow and experience this beautiful world, and I am so excited for her sweet, sweet mother.

02. After taking a long break from playing music, I came across some inspiration and picked up my guitar for the first time in ages.  It felt great (though it sounded far from great)!

03. I finished my final midterm today, meaning I'm halfway through this semester, and growing closer to summer every day.

04. I finalized everything for my trip to New York and now I'm feeling super excited and an ounce less stressed.

05. I realized that it's okay to be a slob once in a while.  Red lipstick and high heels don't have to be a part of my life every single day (and yoga pants are soooo comfortable).

06. I adopted a new life motto

yes ♥ #words #happiness


Monday, February 24, 2014

~ monday monday ~

Ahhh Monday....a fresh load of work for class, getting up earlier than you want to, having to put on real, doesn't it.  But despite the pitfalls, today was pretty good!  Here are some reasons why.

01. I visited with one of my dear, sweet neighbors and discussed her going back to college when she was 74, historic garden restoration, and watercolor painting.

02. this was how I spent my weekend...

{a good movie, french pastries, and catching up with a good friend}

{riding in the cars with the windows down and the music on}

03.  I wore my favorite ladybug-printed dress

{dress from gap, cat hairs from my house}

04. I snagged these pants at gap for a ridiculous price

05. I made a pineapple upside down cake all by myself (and ate most of it by myself too...)!

Now of course there was a stack of homework to do, chores around the house to be finished, and expletives flying, but all in all it was a pretty good Monday!


Friday, February 21, 2014

~ 1974 ~

Am I the only one who wakes up each morning in completely different sartorial moods?  It's like I have multiple personality disorder, but for my style.  Some days I wake up feeling like a Bond girl from the 60s, sometimes it's a rebellious flapper, sometimes it's a French girl from the 1950s who drinks coffee and spends her days having picnics and looking through bookstores.  

Yesterday I woke up feeling like a chill teenager from 1974 who listens to The Rolling Stones and picks wildflowers from the side of the road.

{what I wore: vintage top, gap jeans, target shoes}

{vogue covers from 1974}

{vintage pattern}

{is there anything cooler than faux bois cabinets?}

{New York City, Joel Meyerowitz, 1974}

Southwest Airlines uniform 1974. I had a pair of these but they were red white and blue...oh my
{1974 Southwest Airlines flight attendant}

It's just too bad men don't dress like this anymore...

 1974 Styles | ... and stuff. » Blog Archive » 1974 fashion tips for the cool dudes

Today I woke up feeling like a couch potato from 2014, and my sartorial decisions definitely reflect that.   


Monday, February 17, 2014

~ little things ~

01.  after postponing my trip to Savannah, I spent the whole weekend eating chocolate, watching the olympics, and taking lots of naps

02. my favorite tumblr valentines

03. last night's bonfire (good friends, awesome food, great music)

04.  a sign of spring

05.  my new snow boots (the countdown to NYC has begun!)

06. spending an afternoon exploring and doing some yoga at St. Marks

07. and finally, some wisdom from Othello


Thursday, February 13, 2014

~ L.o.v.e ~

01.  Art Shay's beautiful, full of life photographs of his wife of 67 years.  Read about his exhibit, My Florence, at the library at Columbia College here

02.  lovely vintage valentines

Vintage valentineVintage Valentines

03. the perfect valentine's day dress (via Dear Golden on etsy)

Suzy Perette silk dress / 1950s polka dot dress / silk 50s dress

04.  love themed Tattly temporary tattoos


05. perfectly pink hair

Things to know about me- I love pink hair! I have it most of the time. It's such a pretty color!

06. last night's beautiful pink sunset through the fog

07. a villain's valentine

08. and a reminder for anyone who totally forgot tomorrow was valentine's day and needs gift ideas...


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~ let's hear it for the boys ~

Let me just get it out in the open right away: I'm not a relationship person.
*And another thing: There's going to be a gallon and a half of sarcasm in this post.  Possibly a bit more.

Okay, so I'm not saying I've completely given up on the prospect of having a loving (non-feline) relationship sometime in my future, but I'm retiring from the ever-tiring search for "the one," a search that I've only halfheartedly participated in, and a notion that I only halfheartedly believe in.
When I was younger, I always said that I wouldn't date until I was 20.  It was mostly a stubbornness thing, but Young Me did have a good point (that being that I am an extremely picky person with incredibly high standards).  I could tell you the whole damn thing, but the short version of this tragic story ends with me breaking my personal vow at the wee age of 17.  But no matter.  If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

I'm not too sure why I've decided to renew Young Me's vow.  Maybe this is just the next step of settling into my crazy cat lady status, or maybe it's because Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but whatever the reason, I couldn't be happier.  Which brings me to the main point of this post - February the 14th is going to be a whole lot of awesome this year.  Here's why...

  • I'm going to be livin' it up in Savannah on Valentine's Day, instead of my usual routine (*you know...eating chocolate, watching chick flicks, and crying softly into my pillow*)
  • I'm on a new diet that allows me to eat as much chocolate as I want as long as I think about doing squats once during the day
  • I'm back to wearing fiery red lipstick everyday
LOLOL....this was my very first "Natural", of course...  Red-Red by Tangee 1940’s
  • New Girl and The Mindy Project exist (just in case I get a little sappy and need a good laugh to snap me out of it)
  • I have my priorities sorted out
I must have this.
  • I am 100% free of crushes....unless we're talking about fictional character, olympic athletes, or handsome british men, in which case my crush bank is overflowing 
Mentally Dating Tom Hiddleston
  • I've now read like 99% of Shakespeare's great love stories and I'm under the opinion that love is nothing to get all worked up over (or drown yourself over, for that matter...looking at you, Ophelia)

  • this photo exists (via the Kitsch Bitsch on facebook)

There you have it, folks.  Of course there are many more reasons why this Valentine's Day is gonna rock, but that's all for now.  So, however you choose to celebrate this day of love, don't let it be the only day you show the ones you love just how much you love them.  Remember to dish out love every single day!