Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I'm a big believer in having wardrobe staples - a brenton striped top, a black skirt, nude ballet flats, and the like.  And I'm also a big believer in mixing things up and not letting yourself live only within the confines of those staples.  But I'm ALSO a big believer in having a uniform for each season.  To say I'm indecisive would be an understatement, and having an outfit that I can fall back on during my frequent times of indecisiveness is a necessity.

So this season I'm getting ahead of the game and piecing together my uniform BEFORE I spend an ungodly amount of time standing in front of my closet in nothing but my skivvies.  Though with the heat we get in Florida, standing around in nothing but my skivvies would solve many problems.

So here it is!  Vintage shorts + sleeveless button up top + cateyes.  I call it "Betty Draper meets Sweaty Floridian." 

In Praise Of Betty Draper, Difficult Woman - BuzzFeed News:           Los Angeles 1960:

And it wouldn't be summer without a new pair of sunglasses.  These, from Curio Goods here in Tallahassee, are a beautiful cream color with little rhinestones in each corner.  Perfectly cool for this awfully hot weather. 

Stay cool, wherever you are!