Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'd Rather Have Flowers On My Table Than Diamonds On My Neck...

Yesterday evening when the sun was a golden orange, peeking through the moss on the big oak tree in our yard, I went outside with my mom and she took some pictures of me in her Gunne Sax dress from the 1970s.  It wasn't planned, I had just happened to be doing some restoration of the dress, and I thought it might be the perfect time for a photoshoot.

This dress had always been my favorite thing in my mom's closet.  I can remember trying it on when I was really young and wondering if it would ever fit and/or not be at least three feet too long.  It was so exciting a couple of years ago when it fit and she told me I could keep it in my closet!  I expect it to show up in many more photoshoots from now on!!

Because of how little time we had due to the lighting, my makeup wasn't very involved.  I used some Voluminous Million False Fiber mascara and a swipe of Revlon lipstick in Pink Wink (my new favorite shade).  My hair was still wet from swimming in the pool so I just combed it a little.  All in all, a very fun late-afternoon photoshoot - all thanks to my mom for letting me borrow the dress, wading through a sea of poison ivy and hitch-hikers and for baring with me while I was obsessively trying different poses.