Friday, February 21, 2014

~ 1974 ~

Am I the only one who wakes up each morning in completely different sartorial moods?  It's like I have multiple personality disorder, but for my style.  Some days I wake up feeling like a Bond girl from the 60s, sometimes it's a rebellious flapper, sometimes it's a French girl from the 1950s who drinks coffee and spends her days having picnics and looking through bookstores.  

Yesterday I woke up feeling like a chill teenager from 1974 who listens to The Rolling Stones and picks wildflowers from the side of the road.

{what I wore: vintage top, gap jeans, target shoes}

{vogue covers from 1974}

{vintage pattern}

{is there anything cooler than faux bois cabinets?}

{New York City, Joel Meyerowitz, 1974}

Southwest Airlines uniform 1974. I had a pair of these but they were red white and blue...oh my
{1974 Southwest Airlines flight attendant}

It's just too bad men don't dress like this anymore...

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Today I woke up feeling like a couch potato from 2014, and my sartorial decisions definitely reflect that.   



  1. I always felt bell bottoms were sexy on men, I think they need to come back.