Tuesday, June 28, 2011

me and my sister :)

Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you about my latest adventure in blogging: http://oneinchapart.wordpress.com/, a blog that my sister Emmy and I have started. It's one huge, slightly organized, jumble of photos, stories, recipes, ideas, projects and things that we both love - we would really love if you'd check it out!

Friday, June 17, 2011

at the airport....

Yesterday my mom and I went to the airport to pick up a cousin who was flying in from Texas. I always enjoy going to the airport because I like to think about the people who are flying in from exotic and exciting places. I love to make up little stories about those people....where did he some from, dressed like that? I wonder where she is from, with that accent? Etc, etc, etc.

It used to be that going to the airport was a big ordeal: you wore your best hat and clothes, greeted the pilots as though they were kings, admired the stewardesses (I'm sure most young girls wanted to be a stewardess because you got to wear a very pretty uniform, fly around the world and people respected you) and you got to watch the planes go to and fro. Nowadays, people wear pjs and no makeup, guys (and some girls) wear baggy, unflattering shorts and seem to travel with no excitement at all.

In the future, I plan on driving my baby blue Thunderbird car to the airport, stepping out in my vintage, little black dress, black high heels, my Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's hairstyle, red lipstick, huge black sunglasses and a vintage, white, round suitcase! I will walk into the airport, make my way to the waiting area, read a VOGUE magazine, board my plane and fly off to Paris!

Bon voyage!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

1950s makeup....

Here are some pictures of what I did last weekend - recreating vintage makeup is the best!

For more information and how-tos http://bobbypinblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/not-just-maybelline-ad.html is a great blog for all your vintage hair and makeup needs!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

early afternoon photoshoot....

This afternoon I decided to do a photoshoot in my front yard. I learned how to use the self-timer on my Nikon camera and I am in love with the results! My prop was a pretty umbrella and I was wearing a gorgeous vintage dress. Here are some of the best shots - Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Grandfather, Ise....

This is a picture of my handsome and very dapper, Grandfather Ise when he was just 24 years old. It was taken when he was in the Air Force during World War II. In a few posts ago, I showed you the picture of him and his brother in the 1920s and if you ask me, he looks exactly the same in this picture! He is now 91 years old but sometimes (like when he's giving me dancing lessons in the living room) you can still see the little boy showing through. He is a perfect example of how you're never too old to be young!