Monday, November 12, 2012


So far, late October/early November has been pure happiness.  Halloween, followed by my 17th birthday, followed by an awesome birthday picnic with Izze sodas, chocolate cake and best friends, an afternoon photoshoot, and the election.  Even though I stayed up till 3 am watching the speech (!!!) and then had to get up for class at 8, it was super fun.


My costume - Mary Poppins!

My Birthday - November 1st:

I took the day off from school, opened my presents in the morning, watched my mom vote (an every four year birthday tradition!) had dinner with the family at Carabba's and then came home for vegan cake and ice cream - all in all, a pretty fabulous day!

On Sunday I met two of my best friends at Lake Ella for a picnic - it was a beautiful day!

On Sunday I also did a self portrait photoshoot using my new remote wireless shutter control: 

Such a fun week - I hope everyone had amazing ones as well!