Friday, September 23, 2011

color obsession: green

I love green!  I mean, I love pink more, but green is beautiful too.  I can't wear green (let's just say that color makes me look like I'm about to pass out, or throw up or die or a combination of the three), at least not anywhere near my face, which rules out jewelry, tops, dresses, eye shadow and hats.  But it doesn't rule out interior design, thankfully!  So, here are my favorite green interior design ideas.

But still, who doesn't just love pink?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy birthday!!

Hello!!  Well, today is this little blog's 2nd birthday and since I completely ignored forgot it's first, I'm going to make a big deal out of this one!  So, without further ado, some of my favorite birthday photos.  I was going to share some pictures from my past birthdays, but since most of my birthday celebrations take place in the morning, and since I went back and looked at some of the photos...and since this is a blog about style, I changed my mind.  So here are some birthday pictures of other people!

 Here are the things you need to have a ravishing birthday party:


Or prunes, if you're a health nut!

A smashing party outfit
photo  from

Decorations, favors and games

and dancing

These are the keys to a great party (presents don't hurt, either)!  So, Happy Birthday Vintage Rose Girl!  Here's to another great year :)