Thursday, March 13, 2014

~ life in the city ~

I'm home!  I survived New York City, found plenty of vegan food, didn't get abducted, took a gazillion photos, and missed the blog terribly!  But never fear, now that I'm back in my own bed and have access to copious amounts of caffeine (and a computer) I will begin the enormous task of sorting through and posting photos and stories from my travels.

It's pretty weird to think that yesterday morning I was walking down 47th street, picking up bagels and coffee, and soaking in my last few minutes in the city.  Today I spent the majority of my time eating said bagels, and starting to unpack - my room currently looks like a war zone with books, bras, shoes, winter clothes, and ticket stubs scattered everywhere.  After five days in the city, my suitcase got significantly heavier - but that's no shock.  However, my drive around town today was.  For instance, I was in a car (and not a subway car), there was space between each building, there were soooo many trees, I had the appropriate amount of leg room, I didn't have a vice-like grip on my bag, and each destination seemed ridiculously spread out.

Since I currently can't keep my eyes open, I'll keep this brief and just say that I had the most amazing time.  This trip has changed me, given me inspiration and motivation, and I couldn't be more excited for my next trip to New York.  More details to come!


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