Monday, February 10, 2014

~ little things ~

01.  Today's outfit

{vintage skirt, vintage top, vintage shoes, target purse}

02. pretty flower seeds at the grocery store

03. selfies with the kitten

04. paying attention to the movie projector instead of the movie previews

{we saw August: Osage County for the second time - I'm ready to see it for a third time!}

05.  my new style icon (via Humans of New York)

"I'm trying to fight my way into these fashion shows!"

06.  some words of wisdom (via my pinterest)

07.  a gorgeous portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch

'#BenedictCumberbatch Star Trek Into Darkness Promo Shoot' - Just can't resist to pin this again...don't know if he's what I'd call beautiful, but I have such a fascination with him for some reason. Especially as Sherlock Holmes.

Here's to a wonderful week!


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