Wednesday, February 5, 2014

~ mellow yellow ~

It's funny how I can go through the week thinking it's been nothing but frustratingly dull, beige, and humdrum, but then I look at photos from the past 7 days and see how colorful it really was.

{yesterday's combo: gap pants, vintage top, old navy flats}

{a very colorful dinner: tortillas with corn, black beans, spinach, roasted peppers, and salsa/guac}

{a little visitor}

{today's studying outfit - and it was warm enough to set up camp outside!}

{my new motto, and my new fake tattoo: to live, to learn, to love}

Sometimes life can seem dull when you're in the middle of tackling the obstacles the universe throws at you.  Looking back on it, the vibrant colors show through.  Just give it time.

Here's to many more colorful weeks!



  1. Life is rarely dull-Sometimes you just have to look back to appreciate it.

    1. Very true, Velva. I wonder if we would still appreciate life if every day was noticeably vibrant? When we look back on it is when we see the true colors that we don't notice at the time.