Saturday, January 18, 2014

~ cigarette pants ~

I love cigarette pants.  They're the perfect mix of dressy and casual.  But because my measurements are ridiculously difficult, I haven't yet purchased any vintage ones for fear of them not fitting just right - I'd hate to have a beautiful pair of vintage pants in my closet and be able to do nothing but stare longingly at them.

So for now, I'll make do with modern styles!

{I was going for a look that was a little bit beatnik, a smidge of Katherine Hepburn, and a whole lot of French librarian}

I've found that both Gap and Target have good (and affordable) styles, but unfortunately they aren't high waisted.  I'd love to find a red pair, or better yet, polkadotted!

{Audrey Hepburn rocks the monochrome look}

{Sandra Dee prefers leopard print}

The foolproof sweater+cigarette pants+ballet flats combo is great when you want to feel pulled together but don't have a lot of time on your hands...

So it's time to search the thrift shops, vintage clothing stores, and my favorite etsy shops for that perfect pair of pants!  I know they're out there somewhere...


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  1. You will know they are the perfect pants when you spot them. Half the fun is the search. Hope you find them soon.