Thursday, December 19, 2013

~ baby it's cold ~

Florida is one of those strange places where it'll be 30 degrees in the morning and 75 by the afternoon.  But when it's cold, it's really cold.  Maybe it's the amount of moisture in the air, but sometimes I swear it feels like walking through an icy cloud.

Thanks to the strange weather, here are some of my least favorite things about December.
  • showering - Standing in a hot steamy shower: GOOD.  Getting out of said hot steamy shower: BAD
  • dressing - Dressing for snow in the morning, and then for a nice fall day in the afternoon.
  • exercising - Hot and sweaty indoors, cold and sweaty outdoors.
But baking cookies, drinking hot tea, snuggling with cats, and bonfires make up for all that.

{target jeans, gap shirt, old navy sweater}

While freezing my butt off, I decided to copy some of my favorite men's styles and this outfit was the finished product!   Now time to go drink some tea, blow dry my hair, and settle down with a good book.


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