Wednesday, December 18, 2013

~ georgia on my mind ~

Today I took a little day-trip to Thomasville, GA for good food, awesome shopping, and some quality time with my mama.  

{target jeans, thrift shop sweater, old navy cardigan, target hat and purse, and converse all stars}

We went to all our favorite shops, did lots of laughing, and found some vintage treasures!
After spotting three vintage hats (that came home with me), I found a box of letters, telegrams, and photos, all from the same woman: Georgetta Smith.

It was so sad seeing a lifetime of memories crammed into a shoe box.  There were wedding photos, photos of a man in uniform, a group of girls playing tennis, a ship leaving port, wartime letters, and a telegram from France.

It's a good reminder to never get so busy that you overlook the little moments in life.  In the grande scheme of things, the little moments are just as important as the big moments.  And they both end up in the shoe box.



  1. Ahhh honey, this is a beautiful post. you suppose she was a war bride? Did you buy the box? I am happy you had a lovely day with your Mama!

  2. Aww thank you, Becky! I think she must have been a war bride. The photos ranged from the early thirties to her wedding (with her husband in uniform). There were a couple photos in the back of the box of just Georgetta, and she looked to be a bit older. So I assume her husband didn't return from the war. So sad.

    The box was out of my price range, but I certainly enjoyed my glimpse into her life!