Wednesday, November 6, 2013

~ internal screaming ~

Let's talk about pet peeves.  We all have a few.  Even Jay Leno, who lists his top pet peeve as "talk show hosts who have nothing to say."  We occasionally have to deal with someone who exhibits a few from the list, or perhaps you even live with that someone.  But rarely have I ever met someone who exhibits ALL of my top pet peeves and sits very near me during an hour and 15 minute class...until now.

  •  nose whistling.  CHECK.
  • stomach growing.  CHECK.
  • clearing of the throat.  CHECK
  • coughing.  CHECK.
  • loud sniffing.  CHECK.
  • asking annoying questions that have super obvious answers.  CHECK.
  • kicking the back of my chair.  Seriously dude?!  CHECK.
  • not making eye contact during a conversation.  CHECK.
  • loud breathing.  CHECK.
  • loud swallowing.  CHECK.
  • tapping fingers/pencil on the desk.  CHECK.

You, sir, drive me insane.  Let's all take a moment to appreciate those who resist from exhibiting our top pet peeves and hope that we don't annoy the crap out of those around us.


1 comment:

  1. Lol.....Yes, let's hope that we are are not around too many people in our lives that exhibit all our pet peeves.