Tuesday, February 3, 2015

~ my favorite things ~

One of my earliest memories is of my grandmother at the mirror, putting on her lipstick.  The first makeup I ever bought on my own was a tube of sparkly hot pink Covergirl lip gloss (it was 2005, don't judge me).  The thing that takes up the most space in my purse, makeup bag, and bathroom cabinet is, undoubtedly, lipstick.

I have a color for every decade from the 1920s to the 70s, and it's the one thing that I wear even if I'm at the beach, sick, wearing sweatpants, or having a day at home.

(one time I wore it to the gym, but I quickly discovered that red lipstick and sweat don't mix very well)

L. Revlon, matte, 012 Sky Pink.  R. Revlon, creme, 616 Wink for Pink.

L. Revlon, matte, 011 Stormy Pink.  R. Revlon, pearl, 657 Fuchsia Fusion.

L. Revlon, creme, 440 Cherries in the Snow.  R. Revlon, creme, 720 Fire and Ice.

L. Rimmel London, 109 Rossetto.  R. Revlon, matte balm, 240 Striking.

L. Revlon, creme, 750 Kiss Me Coral. R. Revlon, lip butter, 035 Candy Apple.

L. Revlon, matte balm, 250 Standout.  R. Maybelline, 075 Let me Pink.

Lipstick can instantly dress up an outfit, add some color to a rainy day, and can turn a quick trip to Target into an agonizing decision between two reds that anyone besides an expert would say are the same.


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