Tuesday, December 9, 2014

~ social butterfly ~

Much like how stepfathers use expensive presents to make their stepchildren love them, I am now going to shower you all in pictures and words to make up for a lack of posting.  If I were a better liar I would tell you all that I've been traveling in a remote part of the world that doesn't have wifi.  Or photographing a war zone.  Or that I lost my laptop whilst jumping off a bridge to save a small child from drowning.  But I'm an awful liar.  The truth is, blogging has been high up on my to-do list but things like studying for finals and laundry and cleaning the bathroom have rudely been cutting in line.

So here we go...a brief summary of events from this month and last that haven't made it onto the blog!

1. Capital Calender Girls release party.  Several months ago, a good friend/fairy godmother came to me and asked me to photograph an idea she had.  With lots of hard work from some truly amazing women, the Capital Calender Girls 2015/2016 calender was born!

If you'd like to purchase one, head on over to capitalcalendargirls.com!  All of the proceeds go to the Tallahassee Refuge House.

2. Last month two of my photos went up in COCA's 2014 Photofest exhibit at the airport - so exciting!

Both photos were part of a 20-photo series I did last year in my photography class, so it was beyond exciting to see them go from an idea, to a class project, to hanging in a gallery!

3. Last night's ugly christmas sweater party!  Pretzels, hot tea, a fireplace, and the best of friends.

I've got two more finals and then I can start looking forward to holiday parties, Chanukah, and spending time with loved ones!  Here's hoping we all make it through this next week with more than an ounce of sanity left!