Sunday, December 21, 2014

~ from russia with love ~

Okay, that's it...thanks to From Russia With Love, my James Bond obsession has resurfaced.

Though I could do without the blatant sexism and objectification of every single woman in the film, and I could really do without the opening credits (oh my god, the opening credits), Tatiana Romanova's style has certainly crept into my wardrobe and hair+makeup over the last few days.

{gap pants, gap flats, target sweater, target rain coat}

Since it's been gloomy and rainy for the past three days, I've done nothing but eat cinnamon bread, bake cookies, and go to an insane number of holiday parties.  Now it's not exactly chasing down Russian spies and making out with 007, but I'll take it!

Dressing like a Bond girl?  Absolutely.  Being a Bond girl?  No thanks.  
I'd like to survive past the first half hour of the movie.


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