Sunday, September 14, 2014

~ dress code ~

I've always tried to plan out my outfits in my head before I fall asleep.  That way, when I wake up grumpy and exhausted, I don't have to stand half naked in front of my closet asking myself "what am I going to wear?"

But as you're setting your alarm for 6 am, sometimes abiding by your personal dress code is more realistic than wasting precious moments figuring out an outfit when you could've spent that time sleeping.

As was the case yesterday.

{vintage skirt from my grandmother, gap shirt, gap shoes, target bag}

{day two of the 360 braid - all I had to do was stick a few bobby pins in when I woke up and I was good to go!}

Circle skirt + t-shirt + belt + flats = an outfit simple enough to come up with at 6:04 am, comfy enough to last until 5pm, and cute enough to earn you several compliments (thank you, kind strangers)!


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