Sunday, August 24, 2014

~ summer lovin' ~

Because today marks the end of the summer (bleh) and tomorrow marks the beginning of the semester (double bleh), I'm mourning all of the things I never got around to doing.

01. painting my room.  I bought the paint.  I made plans.  I never did it.

02. getting in shape.  Sure, I went for a few runs, I went to yoga twice a week, ALMOST every week, and I downloaded the My Fitness app on my phone, but it wasn't the "run a 5K every week and bench press my own body weight" transformation that I had my heart set on.

03. ACTUALLY cleaning my room.  Moving every piece of furniture, vacuuming my entire floor, dusting every surface (including the top of my ceiling fan), and cleaning out my closet.  However, I did organize my underwear drawer, clean out my desk, and vacuum almost all of my floor.

But you know what?  It's okay.  I have the weekends and holidays and nights when I can't sleep but also can't find the motivation to study.  So I'll get all of that done before next summer (hopefully).

I did a lot this summer, though.  I discovered a channel on my TV that plays nothing but old movies, I went to the beach countless times, bought two vintage hats, modeled several times and had tons of photoshoots, spent lots of time with my family and friends, and even made some new friends.  And now that summer has come to an end (although I'm in denial, so in my mind it doesn't end until tonight at midnight) maybe I'll actually know what day it is (wednesday?  friday?  saturday?  Who knows...), I'll have a wake up time and a bed time, and I'll finally have something to complain about.

But onto the main point of my rambling!  To celebrate the summer and spend time with good friends, I went to a Clue-themed party last night and had a blast.  Plus, I wore vintage.  So win/win!

{I'm using this photo only to show what my hair looked like before the humidity hit}

{Col. Mustard, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet, Prof. Plum, Miss Peacock, and Mrs. Green}

We ate Chinese food, played Clue until midnight, listened to music, and had an awesome time!  I'm going to miss everyone when they go back to college and grad school.

It was a good summer.


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