Monday, July 21, 2014

~ little things ~

After last week being generally shitty, I figured the universe owed me a good week.  So far, so good!  (I know it's only monday....don't remind me)

01.  my friend Rachael and I made pizza, brownies, watched Sherlock, The Breakfast Club, and went swimming at 11 pm.

02. I ate brownies and pizza

03. I designed and published a website for my photography business!

{my sweet friend Allison and her lovely face}

04. I impulse bought a pair of heels on Modcloth that I've had my eye on for a year now (is that still considered an impulse buy?)....never ignore a Modcloth sale!  You will ALWAYS find something amazing.

05. I finished my summer class today!  Six worksheets and a 9 page essay - DONE!

06. an insanely good dinner for a monday night

Now for some reading before bed, yoga in the morning, and then a trip to Lowes to get 65 white paint swatches.


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