Thursday, July 17, 2014

~ blah blah blah ~

That's it.  My life is busy work.

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And that's not just an excuse for why the blog's been quiet for a week...

So let's talk about being busy.

As a creative person, any time spent NOT being creative is spent wishing I was creating something.  But sometimes life gets in the way of your creativity and gives you what I like to call "creative constipation."  Now, what do you do as a sufferer of creative constipation?  Well, in a perfect world, you take time off from the every day life things that require your complete attention and spend all your time creating.  But in case you're new to the program, this is not a perfect world.  

So what the hell do you do about it?  In between working and essay writing and buying underwear and eating salads, make sure you write, read, paint, photograph, and most importantly, REST.

The brain needs rest and the creative brain needs even more rest.  So take a break from things, people, and thoughts that don't enrich your life.  

You'll get your motivation back eventually.  When you have more time, or when inspiration strikes.  So take care of yourself now so you'll be ready when it comes!


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