Tuesday, June 10, 2014

~ too darn hot ~

With the temperatures climbing and the official start of summer nearing, my wardrobe is getting less complicated and beginning to consist of only dresses and bathing suits, which is fine by me!

{gap maxi dress, gap sports bra - for when you're boycotting real bras and it's too hot to put on pants}

After my 10 am yoga class, I had my final homeschool evaluation.  Meaning I am now......(drumroll please)

An official highschool graduate

To celebrate my graduation and final evaluation, I had an amazing iced coffee from Au Peche Mignon (the best French bakery in town, and possibly in the country), and admired their pretty flowers.  All while enjoying the good company and conversation of my friend and evaluator, Laura, and my sweet mama.

{so these flowers are in my front yard, not at Au Peche, but they're too pretty not to share}

And to round out my good morning, I found out what heaven looks like: the tea aisle at Trader Joe's...

I'm not even joking - this was like a third of all the teas they offered.  It's like the Publix tea aisle on crack.  But, like, all natural, organic, fair trade crack.

Now I'll leave you with this.  Happy Tuesday!


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