Thursday, June 5, 2014

~ namaste ~

After a very, very stressful week, I decided to make this week all about relaxation.  Sometimes I get wrapped up in the daily chaos and think there's no way I could possibly have a relaxing week, but it really doesn't take much.  Appreciate the little things and don't pass up any opportunity to spend time with people you love.  So far so good!

I went on a beach trip with my awesome friend Allison who I haven't seen since my NYC trip!

I played guitar, had a tofu bahn mi for lunch/dinner, and snuggled with the kittens.

After work I met up with Allison to eat pretzels and do a little shopping.  Later in the afternoon I went to yoga class...super relaxing!

This morning started out with a yoga class - my new routine.  Then after working on my essay and going to the pool, I worked out at the gym, had some homemade vegan pizza for dinner, caught up on the latest issue of Thom Magazine, and now I'm watching Sherlock.

Hmmm....what will tomorrow bring?


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