Thursday, May 29, 2014

~ girl's day out ~

This morning started bright and early when I awoke to the feeling of teeny tiny teeth being sunk into my feet.  Having two kittens is like taking care of 8 week old twins who have the energy of a 13 year old track and field star.  I'm telling you.  The exhaustion is real.


So when you wake up early and in a bad mood, what do you do?  Go to yoga class in your pajamas.  Works like a charm. 

After adjusting moods and running various errands around town, we went out to dinner to celebrate my sister's upcoming move to Atlanta to begin an internship!  Since her accident we really haven't had a chance to go out and do anything, so it was really nice to have that time together.  I miss her already.

After dinner, my mama and I walked around Lake Ella and went to Food Truck Thursday.  Have you been yet?  It's great!  Lots of good food, good music, and interesting people.

Now that the brownies are out of the oven and the boys are sound asleep, it's time to go to bed!  Goodnight everyone.


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