Monday, March 3, 2014

~ oscar roundup ~

01.  Benedict Cumberbatch was the photobomb king

  • example a.

  • example b

  • example c

02. Ellen posted the selfie that broke the internet 

03. Catherine Martin wore this amazing dress and won an Oscar for her costume design (The Great Gatsby)!

04. Lupita Nyong'o looked absolutely INCREDIBLE and her acceptance speech floored me!

05. Jared Leto's hair deserved an award of its own

06.  Meryl Streep shimmied 

07.  Ellen had a giant pizza party!

08. Sidney Poitier was there!!!!

09.  Oh and my Oscar photo was retweeted by the Academy Award's official twitter with Leonardo DiCaprio standing next to it....

And if I sound calm about this, just know that I am NOT CALM AT ALL. 


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