Saturday, January 4, 2014

~ the stare down ~

Being someone who dresses mainly in clothing not from this decade, I'm used to getting really strange looks.  It used to bother me when I would feel really fantastic and then some 13 year old girl would look at me like I was some kind of victory rolled, red lipped, bullet bra-d alien.  But now I've learned to make each weird look put a pep in my step!  Who knows...maybe that 13 year old girl had a really bad past experience with someone dressed in vintage.  Or maybe she's just a massive brat.  Either way, no amount of eye rolls or raised eyebrows will make me pack up the vintage hats and retire the red lipstick!

Here's my advice: next time a snotty teenager (or equally annoying person) gives you a judging look, try one of these very effective methods:

01. smile as big as you can, swish your hips when you walk, and stare them down as you go past.  You will look and feel fantastic.

02. Break out the maracas and dance around them until they're disoriented, then whip out a vintage hat and slap it on their head - now they look just as fabulous as you do.

03. Give em a taste of their own medicine and glare at them as you walk past.

So treat the weird looks as proof that whatever you're doing is working, because you are FABULOUS.



  1. Ha! Make'em blink first. Most people are looking at you wishing they had the figure, beauty and the wardrobe to pull it off. A rare combination.