Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~ 2014 ~

Usually new year's eve is spent sitting at home in my pjs, thinking about everything that really sucked about the last year.  Pessimistic, I know.  But last night, I switched things up a bit.  Shopping with my mom, two parties, lots of laughs, and movie night with friends!

{went for the barbie look last night}

{Jason Wu for target dress, target necklace, gap shoes}

After resting up from last night's festivities, my mom and I carried on a 5 year tradition of jumping into Wakulla Springs on new year's day.  Since the spring stays a constant 69 degrees, when the weather is cold, the water feels warm!

Getting out of the water was hell, but it was totally worth it!

Thank you to everyone for brightening my days, making me laugh, and letting me vent when I need to.  I love you all dearly.  Happy New Year!!


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