Tuesday, December 10, 2013

~ the final frontier ~

Now that the weather has taken a turn towards cooler temperatures and studying has taken over my life, I'm suddenly inspired to wear all of my favorite skirts. Twirling through the aisles at the grocery store makes up for freezing my buns off!

I'll be enormously happy when finals are over and the haze of sleep deprivation has left me!  But until then, here are some small things I've been doing to help combat the studying blues...try them out!

01.  enjoying some vegan egg nog

02.  taking a five minute music break every half hour or so.  I've been alternating between Frank Sinatra and Haim

03.  taking time to stretch out and practice my yoga breathing

04.  remembering that I have frozen cookie dough, eating half of it and then baking the rest

05.  making friends with the floor - 5 minutes naps are currently keeping me sane

06. And finally, taking advice from Mr. Gosling:

So study hard, try your best, and hope the academic gods are smiling upon you!


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