Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~ biker babe barbie ~

Last night I went to a concert and found that, as usual, I was the most dressed up person there.  It's kinda fun, actually.  You get used to the weird looks, and eventually learn to embrace feeling like you should be at the MET instead of a college campus!  Because why not dress up?  Dammit, life is short!  So in the wise words of my favorite vintage-wearing fairy godmother, Jenny (of Redheaded Sadie) WEAR THE DRESS!

The dress, in this case, was a GAP pencil skirt, Ann Taylor top (thanks to the big sister!), my favorite black mary janes, and leather jacket.  I was going for a biker Barbie look, so I added some crazy costume jewelry and pink lipstick.

I think I might use Barbie as a style inspiration more often!


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