Sunday, November 10, 2013

~ going downton ~

If you don't watch Downton Abbey, you're seriously missing out.

here are some reasons why you should tune in:

  • gorgeous costumes
  • awesome filming locations
  • early 20th century slang
  • character deaths
  • Maggie Smith's general badassary 
  • frustrating early 20th century sexism
  • men in tuxes
  • insane amounts of drama
  • sassy, strong, independent, corseted ladies 
This is just a short list of the many reasons why not watching downton abbey should be a crime.  Now let's talk about those costumes.  Since the first season is set in pre-war england, you can expect ridiculous amounts of lace, velvet, and extravagance.

But my favorites are definitely seasons 3 and 4 - we're in the 1920s, jazz is in, and the clothing is (somewhat) more comfortable.

Looking at these photos reminded me of the 1920s themed Gala that I attended last year.

I'll leave you with one final Maggie Smith-related reason to watch Downton:



  1. Ahhh girl, isn't that the best line ever?! Thanks for the preview and the divine photographs. Your costume for your event is amazing! You rocked it.

  2. Yes it is! Definitely my favorite line.
    Thank you Becky! I wish I had more chances to dance the night away at galas :)