Sunday, November 3, 2013

~ 18 ~

On November 1st, I turned 18!  I slept late, opened presents in the morning, had biscuits and tea for breakfast (a birthday tradition), baked my birthday cake with my mom, watched 42nd Street (my favorite movie), did a little drawing, took a nap, and then finished the day with dinner and cake with the family.  It was a great day and I enjoyed every second of it!

Seventeen was a transition year - full of trying new things, personal highs and lows, major life changes, the forming and breaking of relationships, and trying to figure out who I am.  It was a deep year!  And now I'm excited to move on and see what 18 has in store for me!

The first few days of this new age have been fantastic!  I went shopping and found the PERFECT boots for fall (my birthday present to myself), ran into one of my best friends who is back in town from college, had a photoshoot, and feasted on left over Halloween candy and birthday cake.

{currently wearing: gap sweater, gap jeans, old navy boots}

I am so loving this gorgeous fall weather Florida has been having!  One of my favorite things to do lately has been to sit outside and read while drinking tea.

{currently reading: The Catcher in the Rye}
If you've seen my art and graffiti board on pinterest during the last few weeks, you'll see that I'm completely obsessed with Kate Long Stevenson.  I recently discovered her work and can't get enough of it!
katie long stevensonkate long stevenson.
Woman, pink and Green - Kate Long StevensonArtist - Kate Long Stevenson

I hope you are all having a beautiful fall so far!



  1. Happy 18th Birthday! May your year be filled with new discoveries, love and happiness.

  2. Thank you so much, Velva! That means a lot :)