Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weekend finds and Chanukah cookies...

Greetings - I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to blog. This is the first change that I've gotten in a while and hopefully during the holiday break I'll be able to blog more. It's been crazy around our house - Chanukah has come and gone, my Aunt came to visit, I've had at least three awful migraines and my Sister is getting her wisdom teeth out tomorrow.

During Chanukah, my Mom gave me two old movies that I've been watching nonstop (I think she might be regretting her present choice right about now!). I absolutely adore 42 Street and The Gay Divorcee!! 1930's movies of course! I also got Julie and Julia and it's made me want to do nothing but eat - never watch that movie when you're hungry or you'll end up gaining 15 pounds from just one meal.

A while ago I found this heavenly recipe for Overnight Cinnamon Rolls that will make your mouth water even before they've come out of the oven. I found it on an amazing web site called pinkofperfection.com and I think that every one who loves food, cats, crafting or pretty much anything girly and pink, should visit, and I hope you will.

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