Wednesday, September 7, 2016

summer wrap-up

Wow, Liza.  Good job on the whole "I'm gonna blog at least once a week ALL SUMMER LONG," thing.
I really knocked that one out of the park, didn't I?

But, in my defense, this summer felt like it was about two weeks long - amiright?  June was just like any other June except that I got my uterus issues ironed out (not with an actual iron) and our house nearly flooded (nearly).  July was a blur of hot weather and summer food and going for walks in the evening even though it was way too hot to be going for walks in the evening.  Then, August saw a trip to the mountains where it was just as hot and humid as it was in Florida, the welcoming of not one, but TWO new jobs, and ended with a hurricane that left us without power for four days. 

Whew.  Now that that's out of the way and we're firmly rooted in September, here's a little look back at what you might have missed if you don't know me well or don't follow me on Instagram.

1. I did a lot of reading.

2.  I wore a lot of seasonally-inappropriate hats.

3.  I frequently wore ballgowns for no good reason.

4. I did a lot of painting.

5.  I swam in every body of water I could find.

6. I went on a road trip with my mama and hit up every antique store, cold stream, and scenic overlook in North Georgia and the southern part of North Carolina.

7.  I ate a lot of good food, met interesting people, bought too many hats, and managed to scrape by with only one sunburn.  All in all, a good summer.

Happy September!  
Maybe I'll actually blog once a week this fall.

(but I probably won't)


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