Sunday, January 17, 2016

a day at the museum

I find it fitting that my first post of this new year is all about my first trip to the Tallahassee Museum of 2016.  If you've never been to the museum, take this as an omen/sign from the universe/kick in the ass/etc, etc, that it's time to visit.  Now that we've cleared up what you're going to do on your next day off, let me tell you a little bit about the Tallahassee Museum.

Built partly in the swamp, ancient cypress trees jut out of the water with a blanket of Spanish moss dripping from every branch.  Beautiful winding trails take you through the sandy Florida wilderness, past a plantation house, school house, historic church, inactive sinkhole, and a fully functioning farm.


Part living history museum, part wild animal sanctuary, and absolute heaven for the children of North Florida. 


It's safe to say that I spent most of my childhood at the museum, either running around the playground and playing in the sink hole, or volunteering with the mom and sister at the farm house.  Most of my early memories are planting onions in the museum's garden, collecting acorns, visiting the owls, the panthers, and the otters, standing by the wood burning stove in the winter, and collecting cold water from the pump in the summertime.




Thank you for the memories, Tallahassee Museum.  I know we'll make lots more.


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