Tuesday, November 17, 2015

~ mid century modern ~

Growing up, I had a plan for everything.  My college life, my career, my wedding, my children, and every birthday party up until I was 35.  Knowing this, it will be no surprise that I also had a collection of house plans, loosely drawn with a ballpoint pen on notebook paper, with double lines indicating doors and windows, and x's indicting a mix of exotic trees and shrubbery.  Although I used pink more liberally than I would now and never seemed to have enough space for a washer and dryer, my house plans really haven't changed that much.


Sleek lines, cool hues, eye-catching details, contrasting textures.  If it's teak, I'm sold.

Join me for a tour of my dream house!
The Villanova - Main Line Homes: More Living For The 1960s by MidCentArc, via Flickr:  

Living room.

Mid century modern living room:  

Viko Furniture 1963:

1958:       :

Bassett Furniture MID CENTURY MODERN 1963 Magazine Ad:        :

 Vintage Furniture Ads of the 1950s . Heritage Design Furniture (1958):      Furniture ads from the 1950s:



 New Beauty for Basements and Basementless Houses with Armstrong Floors by Armstrong Cork Co, 1956.:

 Two Vintage Heywood Wakefield furniture print ads by Vividiom, $8.00:

Bedroom (1956)  Furniture ad:


 Bedroom (1953)  Cannon ad:


 What Belongs in a Beautiful Kitchen? YOU and Steel! Design: John and Earline Brice Jones & Laughlin Steel (1955):

 mcm kitchen:      1950s Kitchens. Repinned by Secret Design Studio, Melbourne. www.secretdesignstudio.com:

1950s kitchens | 1950s Kitchen that's Pink:

 1950s steel kitchen:


Pendant lighting was used in homes in the 1950s and into the very early 1960s before fading out of style.  Pendant lighting would reappear in the 2000s.  Here are three national advertisements from 1960.:

 12 year old me would be pleased as punch if my dream home also came with my dream husband, Zac, and my dream children, Lucy and Frankie.

Now?  Forget the kids and the husband...I'll just take the house.

Spring Planting in Suburbia


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