Sunday, April 12, 2015

~ the scarf queens ~

Though the verdict is still out on how long I can go without washing my hair (because I am a very lazy person and I have a LOT of hair - i.e. hair washing is a major production and will only be done when absolute necessary), the verdict has definitely come back in regards to headscarves and I'm pleased to say they have passed with flying colors!  Blue ones, red one, white ones, floral ones, plaid ones, striped ones - you name it, I've tried it.  And thanks to my grandmother who was meticulous in her treatment towards her clothes and accessories, I have enough scarves (in perfect condition) to last me a lifetime of bad hair days, lazy hair days, rainy days, and just plain blah days!

Now here are a few Scarf Queens that deserve your attention.

Such a wonderful, classic 1940s scarf and rolled bang hairstyle.

1940′s Snood; ***I love snoods, they are so beautiful, especially the lacey ones...  :D(Not actually a dress but love the dotted scarf) Photograph by Victor Keppler for a lipstick advertisement, c. 1943.

1941 street fashion - woman at the horse races in Paris (how she's styled her head scarf is amazing!). #vintage #1940s #fashionThis was a huge change to the workforce as women “began to take over ‘male’ jobs and gained confidence in themselves.” (“World War Glamour…”, Glamour Daze). It was asked of women to “play active roles in the industrial workforce, while maintaining morale by keeping up a feminine appearance.” (Walford). This was quite difficult as “Women in factories often wore shapeless jumpsuits and kept their hair pinned up under a scarf tied about their head into a turban.”

Headscarves are such an elegant alternative to hats when keeping the chill of one's ears of a winter eve.

One of each, please.


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