Wednesday, March 18, 2015

~ panama city ~

I love things that are older than me.  Vintage clothes, songs from the 1920s, british actors in their late 30s, etc., etc.  Maybe this is due to always having been surrounded by people, places, and objects older than myself, throughout my entire childhood.  Most of my friends were older than me, I was the youngest in my family, most of my clothes were hand-me-downs, my furniture was antique, my favorite books were from the 1950s, the movies I watched from the 30s, and the music I listened to predated 1990.  This love of old things hasn't dissipated or grown weak with time (as one might think), but instead, has taken over my life and slowly taken over my closet.  With this in mind, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out that one of my favorite things to do is go antiquing - and I don't mean in those fru fru shops that sell antique bird cages and feedsack pillowcases with "live, laugh, love" embroidered on them.  I mean serious antique shops.  Crowded, dark, slanted floors, packed with interesting old stuff, probably a fire hazard.  You know what I mean.  The more cramped, the better.

There are few antique stores that live up to my incredibly high standards, and the best one is a two hour drive from home, so I don't get to visit it that often.  But when I do, I arrive with plenty of cash, a fully charged phone, and a snack, in case I find a bathing suit from the 40s and get light headed (it happens, people).

If you ask me, there's no better way to spend a spring break...

{the coolest movie theater}


These magazine ads came home with me.


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