Sunday, February 22, 2015

~ the weekend ~

Whoever first formed the concept of time, and the calender, and decided that there should only be two days per weekend was a bitter person and I would curse their name if I knew what it was.
  But with my New Year's resolution to not complain so much in mind, I will take whatever time I can get and not think about it coming to an end.

Yesterday I got all my homework done, ran some errands (and bought new shoes), and had a great dinner.  Then I watched Birdman (so good), ate strawberries on soy ice cream, and went to bed.

{gap shirt, target cardigan, vintage scarf, vintage skirt via. my grandmother}

Today I got up semi-early, ate a big breakfast, and then spent a beautiful day at St. Marks, walking around the old fort and disconnecting from the stressful things in my life.

Tomorrow it's back to studying and going to bed before midnight, but first, The Oscars!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.



  1. We were at the Fort too, we must have been like ships in the night

    1. Sorry we missed you! It was such a beautiful day, I'm surprised I didn't see everyone in town there.