Wednesday, January 21, 2015

~ baby blues ~

During different periods of my life, different colors have dominated everything from my underwear to pillowcases.  For most of my childhood, everything in my life was pink: my room, my sheets, my eye shadow (glad that phase didn't last long), and the majority of my clothes.  But like all things, the Pink Period came to a close and I have now entered what I have lovingly titled The Blue Period - though unlike Monet's, mine is not due to failing eyesight, but rather the need for a clean slate (and an absolute lack of pink).

Thanks to nature, nail polish, and sweater vests, I don't have to look far to satisfy my need for blues and whites.

St. Marks, Florida

By next week, I might be obsessed with hunter green - but for now I'll just enjoy each day I find myself reaching for my blue water bottle instead of my green one and thank my lucky stars that I no longer own any Hello Kitty pink eye shadow.  Happy Wednesday!


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