Thursday, October 30, 2014

~ october 30th ~

It's October 30th.  The costume is finished.  The decorations are (almost) up.  The pumpkin is ready to be carved.  Candles have been purchased.  A spooky playlist has been made. The temperature dropped overnight.


20 Amazingly Creepy Vintage Photographs- I would love to frame these for my house!

My favorite time of the year!  When other folk talk about the holiday season, they probably picture a family dinner straight from the imagination of Norman Rockwell, complete with a turkey, presents under the tree, and snow falling softly outside.  But for me, the Holiday season begins and ends with Halloween.  Pumpkins, bags and bags of york peppermint patties, an entire day dedicated to spooky stuff and playing dress up.  I mean really - what could be better?!

Now I usually have everything completely done and ready to go weeks ahead of time, but thanks to midterms, a seemingly endless stream of registration problems, and a week of not feeling well, the majority of my to-do list has fallen on today.  But enough complaining!  I have gotten a few things done:
  • Yesterday I ceremoniously switched out my bright lipstick for a blood red.  An annual Halloween ritual.

{just ignore all the cat fur}
  • My film teacher gave me a Halloween present: my own copy of Vertigo!  Now my plans for Halloween night are solid.

  • This morning I officially finished my costume.  What will it be?  That's a....

On the agenda today?  Carve the pumpkin, finish the decor, set my hair in finger waves, and bust into the bags of candy that I haven't already eaten.  Happy Halloween!


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