Wednesday, October 1, 2014

~ black and white ~

Lately my wardrobe has been devoid of color.  Blame the grey weather, blame the busy mornings that cut into my dressing time, blame the lack of outfit inspiration, etc., etc...

But there's something very simple about black and white that appeals to me - perhaps it's because you can get dressed with your eyes closed and still look put together, or maybe it's the vaguely french vibe that one gives off when sticking to a limited color palate.

(or maybe because it makes my life goal of being a swanky french spy in a 1960s movie even more achievable)

classicMagnolia Antic

New York street style meets French sensibility! Click through for more summer street style

{details of yesterday's outfit)

Whatever the reason, I'm perfectly okay with it.

{today's outfit: gap t-shirt, jeans, and ballet flats, target blazer}

The one exception to my new monochromatic phase is lipstick - yesterday it was bright red, today it was bright pink!

By adding a little color, maybe this weather will take a hint.


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