Tuesday, September 2, 2014

~ bow down to the brows ~

All my life I've had what I like to call "baby brows."  Teeny tiny, not a hair out of place, and perfectly boring. So a couple years ago I decided to start training my brows (i.e. plucking a few hairs every month and hoping I'd plucked the right ones) so I could easily achieve a 1940s and 50s look with just a bit of pencil and some patience.

A century of brows

My perfect eyebrow would be somewhere between Joan Crawford and Lauren Bacall with a little bit of Carmen Miranda thrown in there for added fun.

The Old Hollywood guide to fabulous eyebrows!

And to those of you who are thinking "does she really put that much thought into her eyebrows?"  Yes.  Yes I do.

Who knows - maybe one day I'll join the ranks of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.  But first I need to get braver with my tweezers!

Happy plucking.


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