Saturday, August 2, 2014

~ roman holiday ~

I've always been fascinated with ancient Rome and Greece.

Maybe it stems from my childhood obsession with My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Or maybe from my childhood obsession with Mamma Mia.

Or maybe from my childhood obsession with Roman Holiday.

Whatever the reason, my obsession still holds strong.

Now...onto the point of this post.  Let's talk about Diana the Huntress, the biggest badass mother f*cker in Roman history (if you ask me).  Daughter of Latona and Jupiter, twin sister of Apollo, Roman equivalent of Greece's Artemis.  A virgin goddess of childbirth, women, the hunt, and the moon, who swore to never marry.  Could talk to and control animals.  Carried a bow and a quiver.  Made several appearances in Shakespeare's work, and is still a popular subject in the art world.

So when I recently found myself with some free time, and some inspiration, I figured it was time to fully accept my complete obsession with every aspect of her life.

Unfortunately, inspiration struck before I had time to a) make a toga, b) find a bow and/or quiver, and c) construct a head piece.  But later that day, my neighbor's cat (who up until then had run in the opposite direction of me every time I got within ten feet of it) licked my hand and started purring.  I like to think Diana had a part in that.


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