Saturday, August 16, 2014

~ 12 days of summer ~

I don't want summer to end.  But unfortunately for me, I only have 12 full, uninterrupted days of summer vacation.  Because that number is depressing and the idea of going back to composition books,  note cards, highlighters, and massive amounts of caffeine is horrible, I'm cherishing every minute of free time and filling it with fun things!

12 days left.
After sleeping in, running errands, and eating good food, I baked a cake and watched Key Largo.


11 days left.
Spent the day lounging by the pool, drawing skeletons, going to an art show in the evening, and finished the day with a hot bath.

{gap top and shoes, old navy pants}

10 days left.
In the morning we left to make the drive to Thomasville where we met my sister who was making her way back home from Atlanta.  We shopped, we ate, and then we jammed to good music.  
Then after a quick nap and a quick dinner, I went to a movie with friends in the evening.

9 days left.
This morning I worked out with my mama and sister, ran errands, and caught up on all the news from Atlanta.  Then we all had an amazing lunch!  I think I'll head up to the pool for some swimming and a quick nap before catching a movie tonight (has anyone seen Boyhood yet?).

Hanging up my new map

Spicy southwestern vegetable soup and sweet kale salad with cabbage, brussels sprouts, roasted pumpkin seeds, cranberries, broccoli, and a poppyseed dressing.

Today I reluctantly bought notebooks, but I'm trying not to let it kill my vibe.  Besides, even though classes start soon, it'll be shorts weather until October.  

Nine days left of summer.


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