Sunday, July 27, 2014

~ changes, changes ~

Do you ever find yourself in such a deep rut that you'll need a seventeen-foot ladder to get yourself out of it?  Well that rut is where I'm writing this from.  Now, here's how I plan to combat this!  By doing things I've always wanted to do.

01. cutting and dyeing my hair: done and done.

02. getting a tattoo: not done yet, but stick around

 rifle paper co tattoo
Rifle Paper Co. Inspired tattoo. Via one of my IG friends.Amanda Louise: Ch-ch-ch-changes

I know, I know...go ahead and say it.  "you're too young." "you'll regret it," "are you SURE you want it?"
Get it all out of your system now.  But here's the thing about tattoos - they're a personal decision, a personal choice.  Like having a baby or buying a black t-shirt when you usually buy white.  Maybe I'll buy a black t-shirt in two months, maybe in a year, maybe in three years, but eventually I'll get sick of white t-shirts and branch out.

03. traveling.  

turks and caicos
{Turks and Caicos}
Menorca, Spain. #CMGlobetrotters
{Menorca, Spain}

Faroe Islands     Amazing Snaps: Faroes Island, Denmark
{Faroes Island, Denmark}

Cotswolds, England - I would love to see the gorgeous hills and cute, curly-haired sheep!     Bibury, England. Our tips for 25 fun things to do in England:
{Cotswolds, England}

The list could go on.  

Even though my life currently revolves around things I HAVE to do, rather than the things I WANT to do, I haven't completely given up hope.  Today I ordered some temporary tattoos, I'm planning a trip to the mountains in October, and who knows...maybe in a month or two I'll buy a black t-shirt.


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