Thursday, May 22, 2014

~ meet the kids ~

I am very happy to introduce two special baby boys to you all: Franklin and Theodore.  AKA Frankie and Teddy.  AKA our new kittens.

Okay, let me tell you the story of these babies.  My mom has been wanting kittens (specifically two orange brothers) for a long time now.  After our older cats passing away through the years, our family needed some youth - losing the cats that you grew up with is a very hard thing to go through.  I like to think that my boy Jack would have loved these kids.

After a lot of thought my sister Emmy and I decided to get my mom a kitten (or two) for a mother's day and late birthday present.  We went to the animal shelter but they were COMPLETELY OUT of kittens - a rare but wonderful feat during kitten season.  Next we looked at the Humane Society and a few other places but none of the kittens felt right.  So we went back to the shelter where we saw a sign for six kittens (four girls, two boys) and their super young mother who were being fostered.


After meeting them once we know the boys were perfect!  After her birthday and mother's day came and went, and after the boys were neutered and formally adopted, we surprised her with her new babies!  It all went perfectly!  We made her close eyes while we opened their carrier and held them out for her to see.  I should have recorded the reaction!

They're both curled up in my lap right now, had a bath this morning, and have already claimed the grey blanket on my bed as theirs.  I guess you could say they're adjusting well...

Welcome to the family, boys!  Get ready to be the most photographed kitties in the world.


  1. So happy for you all! Good job girls~!

  2. Kitties! Everyone needs an orange cat...or two >^..^<