Monday, April 14, 2014

~ greetings from the brink of insanity ~

I consider myself to be a pretty strong person, and I mean that in the less conceited way possible.  I have a high pain tolerance, I'm good at dealing with my emotions, I've learned not to turn pain and anger inwards, I haven't punched anyone yet, etc., etc.  But there's only so much a person can take before cracks start to appear.  

Those cracks, in my case, tend to show up in how I take care of myself.  The first thing to go is the daily vitamins.  I make excuses: "Well...I'm in bed and my blanket is really warm, and I'm super tired, and if I move then the cats will leave my bed so I'll just take them tomorrow."  "'s pretty late and if I take them now then I'll have to drink water and then I'll have to pee in the middle of the night."  "It's really creepy in the kitchen...what if there's a murder hiding in the cabinet, waiting for me to walk in there....I better not take them tonight."  

You get the picture.

The next thing to go is the exercise.  I'm "too busy" or "too tired" or "my workout clothes are in the washing machine" or "well it rained yesterday so the road will be muddy" or "my toe hurts so I'll just do it tomorrow." 
Then I start eating unhealthy foods and forgetting to drink water, and finally I stop creating - no paintings, no sketching, no taking photos.

 Before I know it, it's two weeks later and I feel like crap.  

So here's my prescription for a healthier life....

01. GO OUTSIDE.  Sometimes when you're going through an emotionally traumatic experience, taking the time to appreciate nature is put on the back burner.

02. BUY YOURSELF SOME FLOWERS.  Or just admire them in the grocery store - smells are free!

03. EAT CHOCOLATE.  And lots of it!

04. SING IN THE SHOWER.  Just close the windows first - the neighbors might not appreciate hearing Adele songs being belted at 1 am.

05. WATCH A SUNRISE.  I know, I know.  Getting up early sucks.  But seriously, sunrises are gorgeous.

06. TAKE A NAP.  If you watched the sun rise, then you deserve one.  If you slept till noon, you still deserve one!

07. GO FOR A WALK.  


09. HOLD A BABY.  If you can't find a baby, a cat will do.

10. WATCH SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.  Seriously.  SNL is an emotional cure-all, and they say laughter is the best medicine.  Give it a shot!



And last but certainly not least...

13. TALK TO SOMEONE.  Talking about what you're feeling doesn't work for everyone, but it does help a lot of people.  Find someone who you trust, who is separated from the situation (i.e. if you're having family issues, don't talk to a family member.), and who you know well.  And don't be afraid to talk to a therapist or counselor.  They're wonderful and there to help you.

 Add or subtract what you like to this list, but I think it covers the basics of self-care.  My basics, at least.

If you're anything like me, you're so busy that sometimes you forget that you have to take care of your body so your mind can function properly and you can tackle the to-do list.  But I'm striving to change.

Remember that you can't help others unless you're healthy enough to do so!


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