Thursday, December 26, 2013

~ on the road ~

This morning we left home to visit family!  It was so nice to be on the road, see the sights (mostly the interstate and other cars), and know that loved ones are at the end of our route.

{stopped on the side of the road to snap this picture}

{found this treasure at a rest stop - sooo beautiful!}

After settling in, we had a wonderful dinner, watched Elf, and told family stories.

{and no, the bowl doesn't really say "ass the popcorn."  It was just poor photography on my end}

I hope you are all having a fantastic day-after-Christmas/Boxing Day!



  1. It was just poor photography on "my end"...oh there is something funny about this line too :), with the aforesaid statement. We all know Elf would not approve of such popcorn anyhow. Happy travels girlie!

  2. Haha!! That's hilarious, Becky! And yes - that popcorn was lacking some syrup, powdered sugar, and heaps of candy.