Sunday, November 17, 2013

~ weekend adventure ~

Today I went on a little trip to the country.  Where I live, the city landscape morphs into a country landscape during the span of a fifteen minute drive.  The canopy above the road gets thicker, horse pastures appear, white picket fences are all around.  And in the middle of this landscape is the most adorable shop that I can't believe I just now discovered!  Meet the Sweet South Cottage:


{inside the studio}
I met Lisa and Lizzy, who were so kind!  They showed us around the shop, talked about past events held there, plans for the future, and took us to the studio.  It was amazing!  An artist's paradise.  

The cottage sells Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which will make you want to paint everything in your house that isn't nailed down.  Seriously.  Within the first ten minutes of being in the shop, I made plans to paint my desk, bedside table, book shelves, etc., etc.  Not to mention ripping up the carpet in my bedroom, and stenciling the floor.

{major floor inspiration, right there}

{after touring the shop we went outside and visited with the chickens}

So if you're looking for a fantastic day trip around the Tallahassee and Monticello area, or need some home decor inspiration, visit the girls at Sweet South Cottage!

Here's their website for more information:
Such a fun Saturday!


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