Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Days...

To me, summer means doing all of the things you've wanted to do all year but haven't had time for.  Like wearing some of my favorite vintage pieces, swimming in the pool twice a day, sleeping in, visiting friends and family (we leave on Tuesday to visit Emmy in Philly!), doing Blogilates, finishing projects that you started months ago, watching Sherlock and baking cookies.  Things like that.
This is by far my favorite vintage dress that I own - partially because of how gorgeous it
is and because my grandmother made it!

Oh and I absolutely LOVE Zac Posen's 2013 resort collection (photos from!  The rich colors and textures, the structured pieces, the vintage feel: perfection.

I LOVE this one - the 50s vibe is amazing!

This one looks very 30s - I love the print.  And those sleeves!

This dress is without a doubt my favorite.  The color is amazing and I love the neckline!

Since I'm on the topic of summer, here's a shot of Wakulla Springs that I took last summer.  The water is currently too high to swim in thanks to the tropical storm, but as soon as it goes down, I'll be there with a picnic!

Well there you have it!  I'll post again while I'm in Philadelphia with details of our 4th of July celebrations (think: Philidelphia Pops concert at Independence Hall, free Queen Latifa and Jonas Brothers concert, fireworks and hopefully lots of vegan ice cream).  Have a happy (and safe) 4th of July everyone!!

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